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Daily market snapshot

Stocks lose a little steam after last week's gains - Equities bounced around the flat line for most of the day before finishing slightly lower on Monday. Markets appeared to take a breather following last week's sharp rally that saw the S&P 500 gain more than 6%. 

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Weekly market wrap

With just a few days away from the end of June, stocks gained some ground last week but remain down nearly 20%, their worst first six months of any year since 19701. Aggressive central-bank tightening, concerns around inflation, and the effect of these two factors on growth have led to a rapid adjustment in interest rates, valuations, and sentiment. We think that the economy will continue to slow in the quarters ahead, reflecting the lagged impact of policy tightening. However, the year-to-date sell-off in both stocks and bonds has improved future returns for long-term investors. We'd offer the following perspective on how the economy, stocks and bonds are shaping up at the midyear point and what could be in store for the second half.

Source: 1. Bloomberg

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Our market pulse at your fingertips

Market volatility is normal, yet unpredictable and emotional. While we can’t control the market, we can control our reactions to it. We’re committed to keeping you in the know about the latest market and economic developments.

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Quarterly market outlook

The Quarterly Market Outlook offers our perspective on recent activity in the capital markets. The Edward Jones Investment Policy Committee offers its viewpoints on the U.S. economy, stocks, the bond market, international markets and asset classes, as well as a special topic of interest to investors each quarter.

These aren’t short-term predictions. Rather, this is Edward Jones’ perspective on market and economic topics, designed to help you make decisions affecting your long-term financial strategy. As you read through each topic, you'll find specific actions you can discuss with your financial advisor.

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2022 economic outlook

2022 will be a year of moderation, in our view, with the economy and corporate earnings expanding again, but at a more modest pace, while monetary stimulus dials back amid a transition toward higher interest rates. The good news is we think less is more in the year ahead: Fewer extraordinary growth levels and Fed liquidity can still support more bull market gains, accompanied by more volatility along the way.

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