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Congress Eliminates Spousal Social Security Strategies

These changes will go into effect April 30, 2016.

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Stronger Job Gains Are Good News

October's strong jobs report adds more evidence of continued modest economic growth.

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Stocks Fluctuate on Disappointing Job Growth

Stocks slid in response to weaker job growth in September.

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Don't Make Emotional Decisions with Your Money

Don't make emotional decisions with your money

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Stocks Skid Despite Solid Job Growth

Although higher volatility could continue for a while, we think positive fundamentals continue to support higher stock prices over time.

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Staying Calm When Stocks Swing

Investment Strategist Kate Warne provides perspective on recent market volatility.

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Market & Economic Checkup: Keeping Your Portfolio Healthy

You may need to take some actions to improve your portfolio’s longevity. Just like your doctor, we have a few prescriptions.

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Dip in the Dow Signals Opportunities

It's a good time to look for opportunities hidden under the market's surface.

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Putting China in Perspective

Many people seem concerned about China’s size, but we think its ongoing growth offers opportunities despite current challenges.

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Principles of Fixed-income Investing

There’s more to bond investing than focusing on the current interest rate. We believe it’s important to understand how our investment principles – focus on quality, diversify, and invest for the long term – relate to your investment decisions.

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Understanding Risk

While few people enjoy taking risk, it’s a normal part of investing. In fact, some risk is actually beneficial and serves a valuable purpose. If investors didn’t accept some risk, there wouldn’t be the potential to achieve higher returns. However, it’s important to ensure you’re not taking on unnecessary risk.

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Active & Passive: Two Investment Styles That Could Work for You

There are really only two fundamental strategies that fund managers can use in an effort to achieve the best possible investment results: active management and passive management. However, deciding whether active management or passive management is a better approach to investing is one of the most heavily debated questions in the investment world.

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100 Dow Points Aren't What They Used to Be

Market fluctuations can test the nerves of even the most patient investors. We put these shifts into perspective and discuss how to weather and even take advantage of them.

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Putting Market Declines in Perspective

When stock prices begin falling dramatically, it can appear that your only option is to sell in order to limit losses. We disagree. If you are a long-term investor, the difference between success and failure may be determined by your actions during a stock market decline.

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Struggling for Income? Steps to Consider

If you are retired, your investment portfolio probably plays a major role in providing some of your income, along with Social Security and perhaps a pension. As your current fixed-income investments come due or your bonds are called, you may be faced with a dilemma – replacing the income you were receiving from higher-yielding investments in a very low interest rate environment. The question becomes – how?

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