Taxes and investing

Tax time doesn't have to be complicated. Find information, guides and answers to help make filing your federal income taxes a little easier this year.

Tax-smart strategies

Many people wait until February or March to think about taxes. Sound familiar? If so, it may be time to rethink your strategy. These resources can help you find ways to incorporate tax-smart investing ideas year-round.

Tax diversification strategies in retirement

Changes in tax rules, much like the stock market, can be unpredictable. However, knowing these tips about tax diversification may help you counter the ever-changing tax environment affecting your investment accounts, and provide flexibility in retirement.

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Your tax-filing checklist

Do you have everything you need to file your taxes? This list covers some of the most common documents and information you may need to complete your income tax return.

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Tax season calendar

View important deadline dates for trades, furnishing tax forms and filing tax returns.

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Cost basis regulations

"Cost basis" is likely a term you’ve heard before. But do you really know what it means, why it’s important and why you hear about it more around tax time? We’ll break it down for you.

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More resources

An Edward Jones financial advisor shakes the hands of two clients after discussing a portfolio.

How to start an investment portfolio

Learn how to start an investment portfolio that supports your long-term financial goals today!

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A young woman in her small business space checks financial figures on a laptop computer.

Advance planning for your business exit strategy

Business continuation is a strategy to help ensure the new owner is prepared to lead the company.

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 A husband and wife enjoy the outdoors with a newly-determined financial strategy in place.

Investing rules of the road

Not sure how to invest? These 10 time-tested rules can help investors in the long-term.

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