Financial strategies by age

We can help you move confidently toward the future you imagine with strategies to support you throughout your financial journey.

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Managing your finances is an ongoing process. Your financial needs will evolve over time and be shaped by different life events. No matter your age, the goal is always the same: to bring you closer to the future you see for yourself and those around you.

How much do I need to retire?

The relevant benchmark in retirement savings isn’t how much money your peers have amassed but how much you will need yourself. The answer depends almost entirely on you, your habits now and your plans for later. Check out what our analysts have to say and data that offers more insight.

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Financial strategies for your 20s

When you've just started working, retirement sounds years away. Take advantage by beginning to save now, perhaps through your company’s retirement plan.

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Financial strategies for your 30s

From a new mortgage to a baby, your 30s may be filled with big life changes, and a solid financial footing can make them less stressful. Consider paying off debt, having an in-depth conversation about finances with your partner (if you have one), and childproofing your finances if you have kids.

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Financial strategies for your 40s

While you might be thriving, earning more money than you have before and moving up the professional ladder, it’s important to plan now for your future needs and those of the people you care about.

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Financial strategies for your 50s

There’s still time to build wealth for your retirement, but it’s likely coming up fast. This is the decade to examine your goals and ensure your finances are in good order.

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Financial strategies for your 60s

If you haven’t retired yet, you’re almost at the finish line! Make sure you're still putting enough away each month to stay on track for the retirement lifestyle you want. Gauge your prospects by mapping out what your “paycheck” will be when you stop working.

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Financial strategies for your 70s

The 4% rule can be a good starting point in determining how much investment money you can afford to withdraw each year. Retirement could last 25 years or more, though, and changes during that period may require you to make adjustments.

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