Portfolio Review

At Edward Jones, we're committed to providing a high level of personal service for our clients. After a portfolio has been established, I am committed to checking in regularly with clients to make sure they're on track.

Portfolio reviews are a service I'm happy to offer to other investors as well. Even if you're not a client, I can share my perspective on your financial situation. If you've taken an important step toward financial independence, let's sit down together to see if your current portfolio is keeping you on track or if any adjustments might be needed.

Simply contact my office and we can set up time to review your financial strategy. During this meeting, we can discuss:

  • Your current goals and strategies
  • Whether anything significant life changes are on the horizon
  • The level of risk you are comfortable with and how that can affect your goals
  • How your portfolio has performed so far
  • If your investments are still working hard for you
  • What strategies might benefit your situation

And of course, we can use this time to discuss any questions you may have about your specific investments or investing in general.

We pride ourselves on the highly personalized relationship we develop with our clients. I'd like to introduce you to that unique approach to doing business. Please call my office today.

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