Retirement preparedness

How to take the next best steps to create the retirement you see for yourself.

 A retirement-age couple smile together as they dip their feet in their pool on a sunny day.

Even if retirement is still far off, you can take steps today to prepare to live out retirement on your terms.

Start today by contacting your local Edward Jones financial advisor. Together, you can develop a solid retirement savings strategy to help you live comfortably after you stop working. How much do you need to save? Find out by using our retirement calculator.

What can I do now to save?

There are lots of things in life you can't control, but saving for your future doesn't have to be one of them.

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How do I prepare for the "what ifs"?

Don't let unexpected events stop you from achieving your financial goals, like retirement.

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How much risk should I take?

The biggest risk you face isn't in the stock market – it's the possibility of not reaching your long-term goals.

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Am I emotionally ready to retire?

If you're starting to think seriously about when to retire, these questions can help as you decide when is right for you.

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What should my portfolio look like?

Growth doesn't stop once you retire. It's important to make a plan to have your investments not only get you to retirement, but through it.

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Caring for a family member

Life doesn't happen in neat little boxes. Everything overlaps. While you're dealing with multiple priorities, we have multiple ways to support you.

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Getting ready to retire checklist

You plan, dream and talk about retiring for decades – and now it's in sight. Use this checklist to get ready.

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