Solutions for business owners

Owning a business can be rewarding and challenging. We can help you address some of the common needs we see among business owners, including retirement plans and managing expenses. 

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We understand business owners

When you own a business, you know it's vital to make informed decisions. But you're also busy running a business. So how can you find the right financial strategies to simplify your life and work and meet your day-to-day financial needs? We're here to help, with workplace retirement plans and cash management solutions.

In addition to investment products and services, we help business owners and entrepreneurs build comprehensive strategies for their personal and professional goals. Whether you're interested in protecting and growing your business or advance planning for your exit strategy, we're here to help.


SEP IRAs are tax-deductible retirement accounts available to self-employed investors. They're funded solely by employer contributions. Any size or type of business can benefit from this flexible and inexpensive plan. 

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Owner-only 401(k) plan

You may be a one-person business, but you can save for retirement like a large company. These are only available to business owners who have no employees other than their spouse.

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Owner-only defined benefit plan

We understand the importance of planning for retirement. If you own your own business and want to save more aggressively, or want to increase or maximize your contributions, this may be the plan for you.

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Plans for your employees

When you're a business owner, you know people depend on your success for their livelihood, and count on you to help them save for retirement. With Edward Jones, you have options to help them.

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Business credit cards

Manage your business expenses while earning valuable rewards. And, when you have our business credit card, you also have the support and personalized service of your Edward Jones financial advisor.

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Client Consultation Group

This team provides specialized support in complex situations than can tax or legal implications.

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Guidance and perspectives

Get insights from Edward Jones professionals, and see what our strategists' perspectives mean for you.

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