Plans for your employees

When you're a business owner, you know people depend on your success for their livelihood, and count on you to help them save for retirement. With Edward Jones, you have options to help them.

401(k) Plans for your employees

You can help your employees save for retirement with tax-deductible contributions. And Edward Jones can help you determine if this is the right plan for your business.

403(b) plans

Similar to 401(k) plans, these are tax–advantaged retirement plans only available to employees of nonprofit organizations such as public schools, hospitals and charities.

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At Edward Jones, we'll take the time to make sure the SIMPLE IRA (Savings Incentive Match Plan) is the right choice. It's a low-cost option that can be helpful for employees.

Safe Harbor 401(k)s

Safe Harbor 401(k)s are a way business owners can contribute to their employees' retirement plans. You can maximize your contributions to your own account, but are required to provide a match to employees as a percentage of compensation.