Incident response and business continuity

We are committed to protecting the assets you’ve entrusted to us and maintaining high standards of service. Global unrest, a software vulnerability or a natural disaster could change the landscape in a heartbeat, and we plan carefully to ready ourselves for those moments. Like the fire drills we conduct at our offices, we routinely test our incident response and business continuity plans to be and stay ready.

Incident response planning

How do you plan for the unknown? As with investing, operating a business in today’s world involves some risk. At Edward Jones, we know it’s how we respond to those risks that makes the difference.

We continually monitor our systems, including those containing critical or sensitive data. This helps us recognize when something out of the ordinary is happening, whether it originated within our systems or outside the firm. Our employees are equipped to handle various incidents and trained to react quickly.

And while we can’t predict the future, we can learn from real-world examples, categorizing potential incidents and detailing the steps we should take in each scenario. We’re also watching public sources, government agencies and our industry peers to understand the risks they may be facing.

If the unthinkable should happen, our preparation can help us isolate the threat and recover from it quicker. Our procedures also include a directive to preserve evidence, when feasible, so it can be shared with authorities or used in any legal proceedings that may follow. After an incident, we’ll analyze our response to learn what went well and what could be improved.

Business continuity planning

It’s important to stay focused on the causes of potentially disruptive events. But we also consider the consequences of an event — how it could impact you. That’s where business continuity planning comes in.

This planning acts in concert with incident response by applying a holistic view of the “what-ifs” our clients face. Dedicated employees partner with key areas of our firm to deliver the level of service you expect and deserve. And we continually test and improve the strategies that make up our continuity planning.

Whether the event is local, national or global, Edward Jones considers its consequences and develops strategies to respond and recover — and on a timeline that minimizes disruption to the services we provide to you.

How do we prepare for recovery? Edward Jones asks the questions that are likely on your mind to help ensure your needs are front and center.

What if my Edward Jones office is impacted?

Our business continuity planning prepares our Client Relations team to help you place a trade or answer your account-related questions. You also can visit Online Access to transfer money, deposit a check, sign documents electronically, pay bills and access your account documents.

We have a variety of people and tools at the ready to help your Edward Jones team. Your office’s availability will likely depend on the type of disruption, of course, but our employees will work to keep you informed.

What if my city is impacted? Or what if the impact is more widespread?

When disaster strikes, you have enough on your mind without worrying about your Edward Jones accounts. For more than 100 years, Edward Jones has been privileged to serve communities across North America by looking out for the well-being of our clients and employees.

We continually test our business continuity plans so our employees are ready to help you. Emergency contacts include our Client Relations area and headquarters locations to ensure you can reach us.

Here when you need us

Our goal is to prepare your Edward Jones team to provide the services you depend on, so that we can react to headlines with confidence. Our planning includes strategies for:

  • Communicating with you when it matters most
  • Supporting your Edward Jones team in any situation
  • Our employees’ and visitors’ safety

In short, we prepare continuously to provide you with the service you need when you need it.

You’ll find additional information in our Business Continuity Plan Disclosure (PDF).

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