Social media messaging disclosure

Messages received from the LinkedIn profile or Facebook business page of an Edward Jones financial advisor may contain a general advertisement for investment services, but should not be regarded as a recommendation, offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities, investment strategies or investment products. To stop further messages from an Edward Jones financial advisor, you may follow the instructions listed below.

LinkedIn Messaging – To stop further LinkedIn messages you may remove a connection through your Connections page, or you may adjust your communication settings for LinkedIn Messaging.

LinkedIn InMail – To stop further InMail messages from an Edward Jones financial advisor, click the "Unsubscribe" button, and/or adjust your LinkedIn communication settings for both InMail and LinkedIn Messaging.  Clicking the "Not Interested" button in response to messages from the financial advisor will not block any form of messaging from Edward Jones or other financial advisors. 

Facebook Messenger - To stop further Facebook messages from the Edward Jones financial advisor you may "Block" the advisor's business page and/or adjust your Facebook communication settings.

LinkedIn and Facebook do not share email addresses, so if you would like to opt-out of Edward Jones emails, excluding administrative communications, please send an email to [email protected] from the email address you wish to opt-out. If you received this message in error, immediately notify us and delete it and any attachments. Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P. d/b/a Edward Jones, 12555 Manchester Road., St. Louis, MO 63131 (in Canada, Suite 902-90 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., Mississauga ON, M5N 1Y9) © Edward Jones. All rights reserved. Member SIPC ( Check the background of the firm and its investment professionals on FINRA's BrokerCheck at

Social Media Guidelines

Edward Jones currently maintains an official presence on thirdparty social media sites including, but not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn (“Social Media Sites”) for informational purposes only. Official Edward Jones Social Media Sites are generally designated by a “verified” check mark after our name. Material posted to any Edward Jones Social Media Site by our financial advisors or associates should not be construed as a solicitation or as offering any specific investment advice. Please visit for information about products and services we offer.

In addition, Edward Jones has allowed certain associates to use LinkedIn and Facebook for their business communications through its supervised program.

Edward Jones encourages community engagement online to share, discuss, and discover information and ideas. Keep in mind the following guidelines when using our Social Media Sites:

Once posted, the information is public and permanent

Edward Jones’ online communities are open to the public. Anything posted to our Social Media Sites may be seen and read by everyone and is permanent even when deleted. Because our pages on the Social Media Sites are public and anyone can participate, we cannot be responsible for views expressed other than our own. If you post to one of our social media channels, or otherwise respond or comment on one of our posts, you are agreeing to abide by these guidelines, which apply in addition to the terms and conditions or other legal notices that are provided by us and/or the owner of the social media platform.

In accordance with industry standards and practices, and to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, Edward Jones may monitor, record and retain the electronic communications (comments, messages, reactions, etc.) of the official Edward Jones Social Media Sites and certain associate LinkedIn and Facebook Business pages. By submitting any content to the Social Media Sites, you warrant and represent that you are the copyright owner of the content or that the copyright owner of the content has granted you permission to use such content consistent with the manner and purpose of your use. Infringement on any party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights, or right of publicity or privacy is strictly prohibited and is your sole responsibility. Additionally, by posting on our Social Media Sites, you grant us the right to use or reproduce your content. In summary, only post or send material you have the right to post or send.

Keep personal information personal and protected

Never share your personal or account information on our pages on the Edward Jones Social Media Sites. Keep communications professional. We reserve the right to delete off-topic comments and will remove any marketing materials, commercial content, and other types of “spam” (such as comments that are posted repeatedly) and will ban or block users as appropriate. We monitor information posted on our Social Media Sites and reserve the right to remove any communication including, but not limited to, those that in our view are:

  • Abusive, harassing, stalking, threatening, or attacking others
  • Defamatory, offensive, obscene, vulgar, or depicting violence
  • Hateful in language targeting race/ethnicity, age, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual preference or orientation, nationality, or political beliefs
  • Sexually explicit or pornographic
  • Fraudulent, deceptive, libelous, misleading, or unlawful
  • References to criminal or illegal activity
  • Spamming in nature
  • Viruses or programs that could damage the operation of other people’s computers
  • Commercial solicitations or solicitation of donations

We sometimes link to third-party content for informational purposes

Edward Jones Social Media Sites may follow another user, share or provide hyperlinks to third-party content, and/or “retweet” or “like/favorite” third-party content. Doing so is intended to provide additional perspective and should not be construed as an endorsement of any services, products, guidance, individuals, or points of view outside of Edward Jones.

Edward Jones does not endorse any content posted to our Social Media Sites and Edward Jones’ deletion or non-deletion of any content should not be understood to be an approval, endorsement, or adoption of that content.

Other important reminders

  • Like other networking sites, we believe our Social Media Sites are a good way to share general information, but are not the appropriate place to ask or answer questions about the products and services we offer. Please visit or speak with your financial advisor for more information about specific products and services.
  • Edward Jones does not accept trade instructions, distribution, deposit or transfer requests sent via social media. Please speak with your financial advisor to request account transactions.
  • If you have a complaint, please let us know. Call us toll free at 800-441-2357 or write to us at Edward Jones, Attn: Complaints Investigations, 12555 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131.
  • Edward Jones pages on the Social Media Sites are also not to be used to report phishing or criminal activity. Please forward suspicious emails to, or if you would like to make a report to Edward Jones, please call toll free at 800-441-2357. For more tips on how to protect yourself, visit or
  • Due to industry regulations, financial advisors are unable to accept or display endorsements for skills or recommendations on LinkedIn or ratings on Facebook.

Please note that Edward Jones is not affiliated with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube and has no control over how these and other third-party sites use the information you share. If you participate in these or other social networking sites, you should be familiar with their respective privacy/security policies, terms of use and community guidelines, be knowledgeable about how account settings work, and be aware of how user information can be displayed and used throughout the site. Please remember, for your own security, you should never communicate any personal or account information using these channels.

The opinions, statements and viewpoints expressed by community participants (including Edward Jones employees/contractors) do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Edward Jones or constitute Edward Jones official position. Edward Jones is not responsible for, and does not validate any opinions, assertions or forward looking statements expressed in any user’s comments. Content posted on Edward Jones Social Media Sites should not be considered a recommendation, offer, or solicitation of investment, tax, or any other advice. Where specific advice is necessary or appropriate, individuals should consult with a qualified tax advisor, legal advisor, CPA, insurance agent, or financial advisor pertaining to their individual situations.

Edward Jones is a registered investment advisor as well as a broker-dealer and member of FINRA. Comments and “likes” by visitors to the firm’s Social Media Sites should not be considered representative of all client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success. Edward Jones does not solicit endorsements of its investment advisory services via wall comments and “likes,” and asks you to refrain from doing so. Investment advisers and other parties with which Edward Jones has a business relationship are responsible for any obligations that they may have to disclose such relationship in their posts.

If you are an Edward Jones client and have questions about your account or need assistance with an account transaction, please contact your financial advisor, call us directly toll free at 800-441-2357, or visit