Fraud awareness and prevention

What you need to know to better protect you and your family from today's scams and fraud tactics.

At Edward Jones, we understand confidentiality is key in any financial relationship – and we're committed to keeping your personal and financial information secure and confidential.

A growing number of scams target investors and their money. Our branch-office model provides a personal, face-to-face approach that helps us identify unusual behavior or activity, particularly with regard to elder financial abuse. We also want to empower our clients and their families to help protect themselves. Knowing about today’s more common scams can help you identify and prevent them from happening to you.

Common types of fraud

Anyone can become a target for fraud. Learn more about how to spot scams.

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How to protect yourself

Being proactive could save you time and money.

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What if I've been scammed

Helpful resources if you think you've been scammed.

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Protect yourself: Be alert to financial fraud

Take a few extra steps to keep your money and account information safe.

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