View & Share status in Online Access

What it means to have View & Share status in Online Access

View & Share access allows Edward Jones account holders to give others permission to view their online account information. It does not allow the users to access information outside of Online Access or make decisions for the accounts they view.

Here's what these users can see and do:

  • View and print account balances and transaction details
  • Download and share account documents
  • Set up account alerts to be notified by email of deposits, withdrawals or transfers 
  • Download tax information and forms into tax preparation software
  • Sign up for text messaging

Here's some of what they can't do or see:

  • Receive information about you or your accounts directly from your Edward Jones team (unless you’ve separately provided them that authorization)
  • Make transactions in your accounts or change account settings
  • See any goals you might have set with your financial advisor
  • Communicate with the Edward Jones team by secure message 
  • View your beneficiaries

Who can have View & Share access?

Almost anyone over the age of 18 who lives in the U.S. can be granted access. Tax professionals, a trusted friend or relative, or a business associate are all examples. Individuals cannot have View & Share access for certain types of employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

Why someone might have View & Share access

There are many reasons why account holders might grant View & Share access for their account(s). 

  • Business purposes might include a business officer, tax preparer or CPA to access an account for a business, taxes, account gains and losses, or review purposes. 
  • Personal reasons would involve a trusted relative or friend to help monitor a personal account for unusual activity.

Adding View & Share access

If you are a client of Edward Jones and want to add authorized users, contact your financial advisor for details on how to sign up. You can choose which accounts the authorized person accesses and can revoke permission at any time.

Signing up for View & Share access

If an Edward Jones client has added you as a View & Share Online Access user, you can sign up by enrolling in Online Access. You'll need the client's account number to get started.