Online Access and account features

Put the power of our tools and technology behind your goals.

We believe strong technology is essential for strengthening our relationship with you. With our technology solutions, you have easy access to the team supporting you and can stay connected to your goals in the ways most convenient for you.

Online Access

Sign up for Online Access to view your goals, explore new goals and track your progress toward reaching them. Plus, connect accounts you hold outside of Edward Jones and securely communicate with your Edward Jones team.

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Web conferencing

Use web conferencing to meet face to face with your financial advisor from your computer, tablet or phone.

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Text messaging

Text with your financial advisor and receive appointment reminders and account alerts.

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Electronic funds transfers

Transfer money between your Edward Jones accounts and accounts at other financial institutions.

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Sign your documents anywhere, anytime with e-signature.

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Trade authorization

Give someone the authority to make certain decisions on your behalf using trade authorization.

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Transfer on death

Avoid delays and potential probate costs by signing this Transfer on Death agreement.

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Financial Foundation

Partner with your financial advisor to document and track your progress toward your financial goals with our exclusive Financial Foundation tool.

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Keep track of all your finances, including your Edward Jones investments, with this software.

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