Client Marketing Materials

Advisory Solutions Program Client Marketing Material

The following are approved marketing materials to use with Edward Jones clients to communicate the benefits of the Advisory Solutions program.

  • Understanding Edward Jones Advisory Solutions Fees and Total Expenses (PDF) -This client approved piece outlines the difference components of the Advisory Solutions fees for both Fund Models and UMA Models.
  • An Added Dimension of Portfolio Management (PDF) - Includes a detailed discussion of benefits of SMAs and Overlay Management as well as information clients can use to help decide if a UMA model may make sense as part of their investment strategy..
  • Client Brochure (PDF) - The client brochure is the Edward Jones Advisory Solutions program's primary marketing piece. This brochures outlines the components of the program.
  • A Closer Look: Tax-Sensitive Research Models (PDF) - This client approved piece discusses the benefits of Advisory Solutions for those clients who may be tax conscious.
  • Investing with Discipline (PDF) - This client approved piece is the Edward Jones Advisory Solutions primary strategy report marketing the asset allocation, investment selection and rebalancing approaches of the program.
  • Making Good Choices (non-printable PDF) - Discusses the different ways clients can own investments and the relative trade-offs regarding involvement and the complexity of each approach.
  • Edward Jones Advisory Solutions® Investment Selection and Model Construction (PDF) - This client approved piece describes the value Mutual Fund Research adds through the process of selecting mutual funds and ETFs for the Program List.
  • Edward Jones Advisory Solutions® Research Models (PDF) - This client approved piece describes the value Mutual Fund Research adds through the process of building and managing Advisory Solutions Research Models.
  • Marketing Flier (PDF) - This two-page printable flier highlights the client benefits of the Edward Jones Advisory Solutions™ program. It can be personalized by the branch with branch-specific information.
  • Building a Strong Foundation (PDF) - This strategy report discusses the importance of asset allocation, which is likely just as important, if not more important, than the actual investments a client chooses.
  • Building Your Portfolio (PDF) - This report gives information on the Edward Jones Portfolio Objectives that form the foundation of Advisory Solutions.
  • Maintain Your Balance (PDF) - This strategy report describes the benefits of rebalancing.

For Vendor Use Only - Do Not Show Or Distribute To The Public.