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When you think about purchasing life insurance, is your financial advisor the first person to come to mind? If not, consider this: Your financial strategy isn’t complete until you’ve developed a plan to protect it if the unexpected should occur. And who better to help you prepare for the unexpected than someone who is already partnering with you to keep you and your family on track for the future?

We make it easy

Your financial advisor understands what’s important to you and can see your entire financial picture, making sure your life insurance fits your personalized financial strategy.

  • Edward Jones partners with some of the top insurance companies, in essence doing the shopping for you to help you find the best coverage for your individual needs.
  • We offer affordable term insurance policies as well as permanent policies that allow you to build cash value to fund your legacy.
  • As you review your portfolio regularly, you also should review your life insurance coverage to help ensure it’s keeping up with your life. Holding your policy with Edward Jones makes this more convenient.

If you’re looking for life insurance, start with someone who understands your life and the importance of protecting your family as part of your strategy. Call your financial advisor today to schedule an appointment.

Important Information:

Edward Jones is a licensed insurance producer in all states and Washington, D.C., through Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P., and in California, New Mexico and Massachusetts through Edward Jones Insurance Agency of California, L.L.C.; Edward Jones Insurance Agency of New Mexico, L.L.C.; and Edward Jones Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, L.L.C.

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