Resilient choices and the new retirement

Making resilient choices is key to thriving in today’s new retirement. Our latest study, in partnership with Age Wave, details impactful choices you can make.

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Overcoming retirement’s curveballs 

Retirement today is about a lot of new things — new freedoms, new challenges, new opportunities. It’s also about making new choices to stay active, engaged and purposeful. Our latest research found that people who are willing to make positive course corrections are most able to navigate retirement’s curveballs (widowhood, health issues, divorce, financial setbacks, etc.) and thrive in retirement.1

Course corrections are a reminder that retirement isn’t a destination, but a journey, filled with twists and turns. That’s why both pre-retirees and retirees are taking positive actions across all four pillars, covered below and in our webinar "Thriving in Retirement", in today’s new retirement to improve their own retirement journey.


Impactful course corrections

  • Becoming more physically active 
  • Meaningfully reduce stress levels
  • Begin/maintain a meditation practice
  • Cut back on alcohol consumption

Health continues to be the “new wealth” in retirement, as our previous study discovered.2  Likewise, a vast majority of people surveyed agreed with experts that it’s never too late to improve your health.3 Possible course correction actions include healthy diet, regular exercise, and mental stimulation.



Impactful course corrections

  • Spend more quality time with family 
  • Cut out or limit time spent around toxic family or friends
  • Help take care of grandchildren
  • Relocate to be closer to family

Spending more quality time with family (and less time with toxic people) can be very fulfilling, but setting needed boundaries can be just as worthwhile. Perhaps the most essential family conversations today are between Boomer parents and their Millennial children, who are anxious about their parents’ financial futures.4



Impactful course corrections

  • Adopt a pet
  • Engage more in faith/spiritual practice 
  • Pursue new experiences/adventures via travel
  • Volunteer

There are many personal paths to purpose, and people can explore familiar options, try new things, expand their social circles and enrich their lives. Volunteering holds a special place among these actions because of the benefits to the individual and the community, and the many ways that “giving gives back.”



Impactful course corrections

  • Reduce or eliminate mortgage, credit card or other debt
  • Save as much as possible during working years
  • Obtain supplemental health insurance
  • Develop and follow a financial strategy and budget

Given the wide array of options that are available beyond the basics of increasing savings and minimizing debt, it’s wise to seek trusted, holistic guidance.5 Likewise, the more proactive course corrections you can take the better, including saving early, following a plan and budget, and educating yourself about finances.


Are you ready to make resilient choices?

Are you ready to make the right course corrections to improve your own retirement journey? An Edward Jones financial advisor can help you explore a full range of options — including some you may not be aware of — because we get to know you beyond your finances. Let’s talk.

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Important Information:

1 – 5 The Edward Jones and Age Wave Thought Leadership Study, “Resilient Choices: Tradeoffs, Adjustments and Course Corrections to Thrive in Retirement,” 2023.