Choosing a trustee

Trusts are often an important part of your estate plan and selecting a trustee is a critical decision. We can help.

Trusts are often an important part of your estate plan. Selecting a trustee is a critical decision. One option is naming a family member as trustee, but is that the right choice? It is important that you consider the following factors:

  • Do they have the experience and knowledge to manage your financial affairs appropriately?
  • When called upon to make a decision that may affect other family members, will your trustee act in a fair and unbiased manner?
  • Will naming a family member as trustee create a strain within the family?
  • Do your family members have the necessary amount of time in their active lives to manage the trust?
  • Do they have the desire to manage your financial affairs?
  • Do you have other family members who are willing to serve as trustee if your chosen trustee cannot do so?

How we can help

You want to be sure to choose a trustee who understands your needs and has the knowledge and time to carry out your instructions. That is why many people choose Edward Jones Trust Company. Our goal is to help meet clients' financial and estate planning needs.

Important Information:

Edward Jones Trust Company commences service as trustee only upon formal acceptance of its appointment. Before accepting such appointment, Edward Jones Trust Company must review the documents and the assets of the trust. Such review is performed at the time Edward Jones Trust Company is called on to serve (e.g., death or resignation of prior trustee). Edward Jones Trust Company assumes no fiduciary responsibility for assets added to any trust unless it has received and formally accepted such assets.

Trust and related services are provided by Edward Jones Trust Company, an affiliate of Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P. (Edward Jones), a registered broker-dealer. Edward Jones Trust Company and Edward Jones are subsidiaries of the Jones Financial Companies, L.L.L.P. Edward Jones Trust Company may use Edward Jones or other affiliates to act as a broker-dealer for transactions or for other services. Payments of such services may be charged as an expense to the trust and will not reduce the amount of fees payable to Edward Jones Trust Company.