Reinvesting dividends

Add discipline and avoid emotions when it comes to investing. Automatically reinvest dividends and interest income in your portfolio.

If you don't currently need the dividends and income earned on your investments for day-to-day expenses, consider reinvesting them. Dividend and income reinvestment allows you to increase the size of your investment portfolio and potentially help increase your total investment return over a period of time. We offer two disciplined reinvestment options:

  • The Edward Jones Dividend Reinvestment Program for Stocks
  • Income Reinvestment into Mutual Funds

Both of these programs enable you to:

  • Automatically and steadily grow the investments in your portfolio
  • Purchase full and fractional shares
  • Track all your investments on one consolidated statement

Edward Jones Dividend Reinvestment Program

Through this program, you automatically add to the amount of stocks you own by using dividends to buy full and fractional shares. More than 1,500 stocks are currently eligible for dividend reinvestment. That number continues to grow as more companies realize the value and significance of rewarding investors with dividends.

When you choose to reinvest through the Edward Jones Dividend Reinvestment Program, you receive:

  • Reinvestment for all your stocks that offer this option
  • Automatic dividend reinvestment
  • The ability to purchase fractional shares to better invest the dividends received
  • Investments that appear on one consolidated statement
  • A reasonable reinvestment fee of 2% of the dividend amount*

Income reinvestment into mutual funds

Income reinvestment into mutual funds is a service that lets you:

  • Reinvest income from investments in any number of mutual funds
  • Diversify by adding another investment to your portfolio
  • Invest systematically

Important Information:

*If your eligible assets with Edward Jones are $250,000 or greater, you qualify for a waiver of certain fees. Ask your financial advisor for more details.

Investing in equities and mutual funds involves risks. The value of your shares will fluctuate and you may lose principal.