I became a financial advisor for one reason... peace of mind. A quick story... I was lucky as a child; my dad worked for a prominent US bank and he helped me buy my first stock. It wasn’t a big purchase, as I only had a little in savings, but nonetheless humbly grew as its price appreciated rather quickly. I was in awe. The power of the markets was so intriguing to me and I had to learn more. Well, I got more than I bargained for.

It is now 2008, the housing market has collapsed and with it some key financial institutions. The shares of the bank that my Dad worked for dropped over 90% in a matter of days to being worth less than a dollar. Most of his savings were in shares of that stock that he earned over the years as an employee. Needless to say, his retirement plans were derailed. He was forced to make adjustments and sacrifices that he was not prepared to make. It was a very hard time for our family, and hard for me to watch him struggle. I promised myself that I would never let that happen to my own family.

I was still very much intrigued with the power of the markets, but at this point having seen both sides, I greatly respected it. I respected it like any powerful natural phenomena like a great ocean wave or a mighty raging river; both can take you on amazing rides, but at the same time can be deadly.

As my knowledge grew over time, I evolved as an investor and human being. I began to feel that peace of mind, and when I found Edward Jones I realized I can make a career out helping others feel the same way. These days, I find myself assisting those at or near retirement looking for personalized strategies and a longtime partner to help them navigate through one of the most precious and crucial times of their life.

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