As a kid growing up in Alaska I didn't realize that the education that I received on the water, walking beaches, playing in the woods and hiking in the mountains was anything out of the ordinary. These were just ways that we spent time getting to know our friends, our family and our community. Many of these people began that relationship as strangers, but became our friends, family and community. That's the Alaska way...

As an adult, I've had the pleasure of seeing my kids grow up in the same type of community. What I realize now is that we weren't just playing outside so my mom could get a break (although I do suspect that might have been a minor benefit), but that we were learning how to live with each other, despite our differences and build communities that we were all proud to call home.

One of the blessings that I have in working with my clients is that I get to reflect on being a kid growing up in a great place with lots of opportunities. I get to learn while sharing the knowledge I have gained. I am privileged to help clients look to the future and see the family, friends and community that they want to build and help them achieve those goals. In the process of building a long-term relationship, they've become my friends, family and community.

I am blessed to have team members at Edward Jones that care about our community, friends and families and the lives that they are building whether walking on the beach or working in the office.

We want to know what is important to you and how you want to impact those that are around you. Your goals drive the decisions that we make together in order to build the life and relationships that you can be proud of.

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