I'm a financial advisor familiar with the needs of business leaders and business owners. I have a strong focus on helping them transform their financial future and achieve their personal financial goals with my unique approach tailored towards the career journey of executives and business owners.

Most professionals and business owners spend long hours helping their team and projects become successful, but lose sight of their personal financial freedom goals, and cannot dedicate the appropriate amount of time to their needs. As a result, they unintentionally end up working more years than they planned to before retirement.

Have you thought about the following:
-If you lost your job or business today (executives and small businesses have high churn), how much in savings do you have and how does this impact your retirement strategy?
-Do you know if your company supports flexible investing, which is becoming more popular in many company-sponsored retirement plans today?
-Have you recently assessed your portfolio to see how would it perform if we were to face another market downturn such as the one from 2008?
-Do you know when you can retire or how much money you would need to retire comfortably to maintain the lifestyle you aspire to?
-What would be the impact to your business and personal plans if you are unable to work in your business?
-Are you using all tax-efficient methods to ensure you are using all your hard-earned business income towards your personal future plans?
-Have you thought about business succession and how that impacts your tax, cash flow and transition to retirement?

Avoid being a top performer, making high income, but still retiring late due to the lack of an appropriate financial strategy.

If you need help with this, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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