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Video Transcript

Hey, Thomas Scott, I've been with firm about seven years now. I am a lover of small towns. So, Zachary is a small town. We have about 17,000 in population and we've grown to that. I'm on the board for the Chamber of Commerce, Finance Committee Chair for a local hospital.

I'm also a serve director of football operations for a local youth recreational club here in Zachary, and I play the organ for four different churches. I'm known as the mayor of Zachary. That's what they call me.

The spirit of caring and our firm, it's a cultural mindset. It's who we are. It's why I love working for this firm. It's why I get up every morning because it's not a firm where I can't call my neighbor. I can’t call the next financial advisor and ask a question. And we encourage that. We encourage each advisor to help pull the rope. And that's what we do. We always talk about we’re only as strong as our weakest link. Everybody pulls the rope. And so, how we're divided into regions and areas, we all cross-pollinate and help one another.

When we talk to individuals and newer FAs about the practice, they're opening up more now because we actually care. We care about what they do. We care about them being successful. We ask about their families. We ask about their children. Some of them their grandchildren. And the spirit of caring goes beyond these four walls. It goes beyond this branch. It goes into their homes.

That's the cultural mindset of the spirit of caring because we care, and we support one another.