The importance of Social Security for women

 A retirement-aged woman takes notes while reading Social Security information from her laptop at her desk.

1. Single women rely on Social Security more than single men do

Social Security may represent a larger share of income for single women (including widows and those who are divorced) than for single men ages 65 and older. Nearly half of unmarried women ages 65 and older rely on Social Security for 90% of their income.1

Social Security as a Percentage of Retirement Income1

Unmarried man32%
Unmarried woman50%

2. Women rely on Social Security for a longer period of time

Women have longer life expectancies than men, so their retirement income may need to last longer.

3. Women will likely be in charge of their retirement

Women will likely face many years of retirement on their own due to divorce or widowhood. A newly widowed woman's income decreases by an average of 37%.2 And, as women age and their health declines, they may need to turn to paid caregivers or a long-term care facility if they have no spouse or family members to help.

How we can help

At Edward Jones, we understand the special circumstances that are unique to women in general – and to you in particular. Ask your Edward Jones financial advisor for more information about retirement income strategies that consider your circumstances.

Important Information:

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