6 Ways to Determine if a Financial Advisor is Right for You: A Free Report

No matter where you are on your financial journey, you may be thinking about your options for advice and support. Learn whether working with a financial advisor is the right option for you.

Key insights you'll learn

  • Differences between financial options

    Learn the differences between working with a financial advisor, robo-advisor, and online financial planner.

  • Whether a financial advisor may be right for you

    Take a short quiz to determine if working with a financial advisor or another option is more appropriate for you.

  • The range of a financial advisor’s services

    Discover broader needs beyond that a financial advisor can support, such as legacy planning.

Why partner with an Edward Jones financial advisor?

We work with you to build a custom investment strategy that fits your unique goals and circumstances so that you can turn your ideal future into a reality. You'll build a 1:1 connection with your dedicated financial advisor and have the tools to see where you stand in your financial journey.

  • Personalized long-term financial strategy

  • Unique data-driven insights

  • 1:1 service from your dedicated advisor