Charitable giving and your financial strategy

Whether you've been philanthropic for decades or you're ready to begin donating to your favorite charity now, there's likely a giving solution that fits your goals.

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Giving back looks different for everyone. At Edward Jones, we're here to help you find the appropriate charitable path for your financial strategy – no matter where you are in life. Whether you've been philanthropic for decades, or you're ready to start donating to a meaningful cause, there's likely a giving solution that fits your goals.

Like any financial strategy, charitable giving has several benefits (taxes) and tradeoffs (control) to consider.

How we can help

Your financial advisor can help you think through charitable giving goals, potential tax implications, and tradeoffs to create a strategy for your unique needs. Learn more and find answers to your questions about charitable giving here.

A charitable giving tax primer

Gaining a basic understanding of how charitable giving may affect your taxes can help you get the most from your giving strategy.

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Basic Charitable Giving Strategies

Being strategic in choosing which assets to give and how to structure your giving goals can be beneficial for both you and the charity.

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Advanced Charitable Giving Strategies

If you desire control and flexibility – or if you have unique needs – you might benefit from exploring advanced charitable giving channels and strategies.

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More resources

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Charitable giving: Answering your questions

Are you wondering how to make the most of your charitable giving? By strategically planning your gifts, you can help your charity and yourself. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

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Edward Jones Charitable Gift Fund

A donor-advised fund lets donors contribute tax-deductible money for charitable donations into a fund. Learn how to open a donor-advised fund with Edward Jones.

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