Systematic sell program

A disciplined approach that can help you systematically sell invesments at predetermined intervals and set dollar amounts

While long-term "buy and hold" investing is a central part of our investment philosophy, there are times where it makes sense to sell a quality investment. For example, maybe you own too much of a particular investment and need to better diversify your portfolio. Selling an investment could be part of your strategy to generate an income stream to help cover expenses.

The Edward Jones Systematic Sell Program is a disciplined approach that can help you systematically sell individual stocks or mutual funds from your portfolio at predetermined intervals and set dollar amounts.

Our program offers many benefits

  • Decreasing the amount of a stock or mutual fund if you own too much 
  • Reducing the risk of selling all your shares at what could be a market low 
  • Generating monthly cash flow by creating your own regular payments

Getting started

To incorporate a systematic sell strategy, work with your financial advisor to:

  • Identify stocks and/or mutual funds that make up more than 5% of your overall portfolio as well as non-dividend-paying stocks that could be used to supplement your current cash flow. 
  • Determine the amount you wish to sell systematically. 
  • Sign up so Edward Jones will automatically sell at regular monthly intervals the shares you've chosen.

How we can help

A variety of common stocks and mutual funds are eligible for the Edward Jones Systematic Sell Program. Talk with your financial advisor today to see if the program makes sense as part of your overall financial strategy.