Logos and photo gallery


The Edward Jones logo is one of the most visible representations of our brand and the unifying element that appears across all of our communications. The preferred Edward Jones logo should be shown in Dark Gray (PMS 2336C) on a Dark Gold (PMS 116C) background. The logo may also be printed in black or white (reversed out of a color). For premium items, you may also use Dark Gray (PMS 2336C), gold, copper or silver metallic inks. For Advertising Signage applications, use Dark Gray (PMS 2336C) or black.

Select a PNG or EPS logo file from the links below to save and download to your computer.

  • Logos can be scaled to a specific size after downloading. The EPS version of the Edward Jones Primary Logo is recommended for scaling up to larger sizes.
  • To download PNG file: Click the PNG file. When the PNG opens, right-click the image and "save image as" to download the logo.
  • To download an EPS file: Click the EPS file.
  • You'll need a graphic editing program (i.e. Illustrator or Photoshop) to open the logo files.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Best Places To Work logos may only be added to branch email signature blocks.

Note: Branches can only print the PNGs. They can't be saved to a branch computer or emails.


There's no charge to download these photos. You may download as many as you need.

Select a JPG photo file from the links below to save and download to your computer.

  • After the photo appears on your screen, you'll need to righ-click and "save image as" to complete the download. 

Note: Branches should only print JPGs. If you need the JPG for a custom ad or social media post, you can temporarily save it to your branch computer. It is a best practice to delete this image immediately after use.