If you are an Edward Jones branch office in Canada or working with an Edward Jones branch office in Canada, please go to the Edward Jones Graphics Site - Canada

Our Identity
Edward Jones continues to effectively build brand recognition and strengthen our position in the marketplace every day by consistently representing ourselves visually - we accomplish consistency by maintaining specific graphic standards for everything that's created on behalf of Edward Jones. This site provides you with the necessary tools to achieve the same consistency.

Thanks you for helping us achieve our goal of building the Edward Jones brand name.

Site Content
On this site you can download Logos and photo gallery, Online banners, Seminar materials and Community event materials. We also have a link to the websites that sell the fonts we use. 

Print ads and New Offering Marketing Materials are no longer available through this page. Local Edward Jones branches can now send customized materials to print vendors or publications via e-mail. Please work with your local branch to obtain these materials.