What does it mean to be rich?

Having a million stories to share, 
or more time to give. 
Keeping your loved ones close, 
or just living life on your terms.

Let's find your rich.

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The key to being rich is knowing what counts

For more than 100 years, Edward Jones has helped people to reach their financial goals. We also help our clients live lives they love, by understanding what truly matters to each of them - the experiences, people and moments that make life feel rich.

We get to know you, not just about you.

Your Edward Jones financial advisor will connect deeply with you so you can be confident that your financial strategy is connected to a life you love. We do it by: 

Getting to know your wants, needs, and wishes. 
Learning what drives you. 
Understanding your priorities.
Making a plan to turn what if's into what is.

 Male client and financial advisor sitting together in an office and laughing.

Your richest experiences can start with a conversation — that's where your financial advisor comes in. 

With more than 19,000 financial advisors across North America, we are part of your community. You might be surprised to find how close an Edward Jones financial advisor is to you, or how well you connect on similar values. In a branch office, virtually, or in your local coffee shop, your financial advisor is there to help guide you with a comprehensive approach to your finances, so you can pursue a life that feels rich.