ETF fees


These investment options include common stock, preferred stock, closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Fees and expenses

Generally, when you buy or sell an equity security, you pay a commission based on the principal value of the investment. A portion of the commission reflects the transaction costs of doing business on an exchange.

See Equity Commission Schedule (PDF) for specifics.

Important Information:

For future updates and changes or for a full listing of the fees and payments Edward Jones receives in connection with individual mutual funds, equity transactions, fixed income transaction and insurance and annuities please visit this website at regular intervals. Compensation related information may change from time to time and Edward Jones will update compensation information on this website on a monthly basis. If the specific platform or provider associated with your plan changes, Edward Jones will provide you with an updated disclosure document within 60 days of being notified of the change, if applicable. It is very important that you keep Edward Jones and your financial advisor updated with regard to any changes to the plan including its structure, platform type, investment options or other service providers.