Securely send and receive documents with your branch team

Upload and download files easily with email and two-factor authentication.

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Exchanging documents with your Edward Jones team

Edward Jones clients can receive documents electronically with Online Access. If you have not signed up for Online Access, you can instead securely send and receive documents with your branch team through email and two-factor authentication. Exchanging documents securely enables you to:

  • Upload documents to your Edward Jones team
  • Download documents sent to you by your Edward Jones team
  • Provide consent to your Edward Jones team for them to send documents to a third party on your behalf

How secure are my documents?

Edward Jones provides end-to-end encryption of document exchange communications. Your secure portal is only accessible through two-factor authentication based on contact information you’ve provided to your Edward Jones team.

How do I securely exchange documents?

To get started, your branch team will need the email address and phone number you will use to verify your identity. The Secure Document Exchange User Guide (PDF) details how you can access and use the document exchange functionality in the secure portal.

For any questions you may have about securely exchanging documents with your branch team, please reach out to them directly.