What is Quicken?

Quicken is a personal finance management software program. You can manage all of your funds, including investments, bank accounts and credit cards using Quicken.

What do I need to begin downloading my Edward Jones accounts into Quicken?

  1. Log in to Online Access from your device prior to beginning your Quicken import. 
  2. Gather your most recent Edward Jones statement.

What versions of Quicken are compatible with Edward Jones accounts?

The current product year, as well as the two prior product years, of any version that allows the download of investment information is supported.

Does Edward Jones sell or provide Quicken?

No. Edward Jones provides all clients with access to Online Access, an online program that manages all Edward Jones investments. In order to import your Edward Jones holdings into Quicken you must purchase the Quicken software from a retailer or through the manufacturer's website: www.quicken.com

What Customer ID and PIN/Password should I use?

When you have Quicken installed, you will need an Online Access User ID and Password in order to connect to your Edward Jones investments and download your account information into Quicken. If you are not enrolled in Online Access, you may do so by visiting www.edwardjones.com/access

Do I have to be enrolled in Online Access?

Yes, you must be enrolled in Online Access in order for Quicken to access your Edward Jones accounts.

Why does my cash account show a zero balance in Quicken?

When viewing your accounts within Quicken, cash and money market data are presented separately. Available money market funds will be reflected in the value of the money market, not in the cash balance.

Who can I contact for assistance?

For questions regarding how to use the Quicken software, please visit the support website.

For assistance with Edward Jones Online Support at (800) 441-5203.

Which Edward Jones accounts should I be able to see in Quicken?

All accounts held at Edward Jones will be viewable in Quicken. Investments that are not held at the firm, such as funds, insurance and annuities, will not be accessible in Quicken.

How much transaction history will I see?

The first time you download, you will see up to 45 days of account history. Thereafter, you'll continue to download transactions that occurred since the last time you logged on. You should download your transactions at least once every 45 days. If the last time you logged in is more than 45 days ago, you can refer to your paper statements and enter the missing transaction information manually.

Is there a fee for downloading my Edward Jones account information into Quicken?

No, all you need is an Online Access ID and password. There is no fee to enroll in Online Access.

Are there any known issues in Quicken for Mac users?

Yes. When you own more than 400,000 shares of a security, the downloaded transaction share price and total amount are calculated incorrectly after being accepted into the register. To remedy this, click on "Accept" to accept the downloaded transaction(s), then manually edit the share price in the register. This issue is being corrected by the company that makes Quicken for Mac.

Are there any known issues in Quicken for accounts that have an Insured Bank Deposit?

Yes. Insured Bank Deposits are not currently compatible with Quicken because the program does not recognize Insured Bank Deposit (INSD) as cash. Instead, Quicken assigns a ticker symbol and applies the balance as a number of shares, causing the account value to be significantly overstated.

How can I track the cash balance in my Income Manager account using Quicken?

Add a linked checking account to the Income Manager Account within the Account Details dialog box in Quicken. For more information, please contact Quicken directly or visit their website at http://www.quicken.com.