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Life Insurance Needs Calculator

What liabilities do you have?

Liabilities could include your mortgage, car loans, credit card debt or any other debt you might have.

Total $ 0
What income do you want to replace?

How much would your family need for ongoing living expenses if they could no longer rely on your income? How long would they need the income – until your spouse reaches retirement or maybe until the children graduate college?

Total Income to Replace (pre-tax) $ 0
What final expenses do you expect?

Final expenses can include medical expenses, short-term living expenses for your family (including emergency savings) and funeral costs. If you need a starting point, we recommend estimating $15,000.

Total $ 0
What are your family's education needs?

Are there any future education expenses you'd like to cover, such as college or private school tuition for your children or grandchildren?  (Reduce this amount by any dedicated education savings.)

Would you like to leave something for your heirs or charity?

Enter any additional amount or inheritance you'd like to leave your loved ones here.

What assets would be available for your family?

This would include any additional assets that were not captured by the other inputs, such as current life insurance policies, business or real estate investments or any other investments.

Different types of investments have different tax implications. Be sure to discuss this with your qualified tax professional.

Total $ 0


If you're unsure, we recommend estimating 3.00%.

State and Federal

This is the rate of return your loved ones would expect to receive if they invested their life insurance proceeds. We recommend estimating 6.0%.

Life Insurance Needs Results

Need Met by Current Coverage & Assets $ 0
Total Life & Legacy Need $ 0
Coverage Shortfall $ 0


icon-liabilities Liabilities $ 0
icon-income Income Replacement ###
icon-final-expenses Final Expenses $ 0
icon-education-expenses Education $ 0
icon-charity Legacy ###
Total Life & Legacy Need $ 0
Inflation Rate
Income Tax Rate
Rate of Return
Current Life Insurance $ 0
Available Assets $ 0
Need Met by Current Coverage & Assets $ 0
Coverage Shortfall $ 0

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