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Research Studies

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Edward Jones periodically conducts research studies about topics that are important to investors. Read more about our findings.

72% of American Don't Know What a 529 College Savings Plan is

According to Edward Jones' annual 529 Plan Awareness Survey, the majority of American's don't know what a 529 savings plan is, yet the majority believes a college degree is important for the future.

Read more: 3 Out of 4 Americans Still Do Not Know What a 529 College Savings Plan is, According to Edward Jones Study

Americans Spend More Time Planning a Vacation Than Planning for Retirement and Education Expenses

Age played a significant role in influencing respondents' answers of how much time they spend thinking about vacation planning compared to the planning of retirement or the cost of higher education.

Read more: Planning for Retirement and Education Takes a Backseat to Vacation Planning

Americans Concerned about Healthcare Expenses in Retirement

Almost two-thirds of Americans are concerned about how they will pay for healthcare expenses in retirement. The study also revealed a strong variation in the level of concern between the age groups.

Read more: Most Americans are Concerned about Healthcare Expenses in Retirement, Finds Edward Jones Study

One in Three Americans are Adjusting Their Saving and Investing Strategy to Accommodate Holiday Spending

According to the study, women are more likely than men to make accommodations for increased year-end spending.  Variations in spending were also noticeable among different age groups and household income levels.

Read more: More than One in Three Americans Are Adjusting Their Savings Plans to Account for Holiday Spending

Most Americans Worried About Market Volatility, Following 2016 Presidential Election

A recent study by Edward Jones found that 59% of Americans worry that in the near term, the outcome of the 2016 presidential election will lead to market volatility.

Read more: Edward Jones Study: Most Americans Worried About Market Volatility Following 2016 Presidential Election

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