Find a Financial Advisor

What is the process for partnering with a financial advisor?

  1. Step 1

    Research and browse financial advisors using any of the search tools.

  2. Step 2

    When you find a financial advisor you'd like to work with, share your contact information via their profile page. They'll reach out to set up a complimentary consultation.

  3. Step 3

    Meet with financial advisors virtually or in person to decide if they're the right match for your needs. You'll discuss your goals, assess your investing style, and review account types and investments that you can consider.

  4. Step 4

    When you've found a financial advisor to partner with, they will open your account and set up your online access.

Why work with a financial advisor?

To help meet your goals

Investors who start saving sooner are more likely to achieve their financial goals.1

To prepare for the unexpected

84% of those working with a financial advisor said doing so gave them a greater sense of financial comfort during the pandemic.2

To plan for the future with confidence

The savings decisions you make now can impact your future finances. Build strong habits now, so you can enjoy every bit of tomorrow.3

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