Working with the Edward Jones Trust Company

Services designed to assist your clients with trust administration needs

Edward Jones Trust Company has been helping clients preserve their families’ wealth since 1996. By combining direct communication with clients and beneficiaries through a local financial advisor with services provided by specialists in trust administration, fiduciary law, taxation and portfolio management at our firm’s North American headquarters, we provide a truly unique combination of personal service and dedicated resources.

Edward Jones Trust Company focuses its attention on the administration of personal trusts, including revocable and irrevocable inter vivos trusts, testamentary trusts and charitable trusts. The Trust Company can serve as trustee, co-trustee or managing agent for an existing trustee in order to assist clients with administrative and investment responsibilities.

Professional asset management

Edward Jones Trust Company works in partnership with each client’s local financial advisor to develop customized recommendations based upon personal investment history, risk tolerance and financial objectives. The Trust Company also manages real estate and other nonfinancial assets held by the trust.

Local financial advisors and Trust Company associates work to develop relationships with mutual clients’ attorneys and CPAs in order to help foster continuity in planning strategies.

Daily administration

Edward Jones Trust Company helps free clients from navigating complex regulatory requirements by handling the day-to-day administrative tasks related to trust management, including maintaining records, fulfilling tax reporting obligations and paying bills.

Regular communication with mutual clients, along with their attorneys and CPAs, helps all parties efficiently handle legal and tax concerns related to trust administration.

Beneficiary support

Edward Jones Trust Company supports the needs of beneficiaries by responding to questions and requests, making distributions as specified in trust agreements and assisting beneficiaries with budget and investment concerns.

Learn more about Edward Jones Trust Company

Please contact Edward Jones Trust Company with any questions about our services at (800) 445-7224. Our team of business development associates and legal and tax professionals can assist you with any of your trust development needs.

Important Information:

Trust and related services are provided by Edward Jones Trust Company, an affiliate of Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P. (Edward Jones), a registered broker-dealer. Edward Jones Trust Company and Edward Jones are subsidiaries of the Jones Financial Companies, L.L.L.P. Edward Jones Trust Company may use Edward Jones or other affiliates to act as a broker-dealer for transactions or for other services. Payments of such services may be charged as an expense to the trust and will not reduce the amount of fees payable to Edward Jones Trust Company.