Most parents want to see their children graduate from college. And with college costs continually rising, we understand that the idea of paying for an education can seem daunting. But we also know that it is achievable with some planning and preparation.

Take these steps

  • Thinking about what type of college your child might attend – public or private?
  • Estimating the future cost of college
  • Deciding how much of those costs you want to cover
  • Determining how much you'll need to have saved by the time your child starts college
  • Developing a plan to reach your savings goal

Educate yourself

If educating your child is a goal for you, start by educating yourself. Take some time to explore our education savings resources.

How we can help

Then contact your financial advisor to develop your education savings strategy. He or she will work to understand all the unique circumstances that apply to you – and then develop a plan that takes these circumstances into consideration.