Staying nimble during a pandemic

Published May 19, 2020
  A young small business owner reads from her tablet and takes down notes after hours.

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An unprecedented challenge

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the entire country hard, but small business owners have been faced with their own unique challenges.

Stay-at-home orders, social distancing guidelines and local government legislation have drastically changed the day-to-day for millions of businesses. Many have shuttered their doors temporarily, and some have closed for good.

Others have risen to the challenge, pivoting their business models to serve their communities in new ways.

Adapting to the new normal

Cat Neville, host of PBS "tasteMAKERS" series sponsored by Edward Jones, speaks to several small business owners who are not only surviving, but, in some cases, thriving, during this time. They offer words of wisdom for staying resilient, and a financial advisor shares tips for planning your next move.

"Hopefully, we can figure out how to take the heartache and the stress and improve the world because of it, change up our business models, change the way that we transact with one another and treat one another and come out the stronger for it."
Lance Hanson, Owner of Jack Rabbit Hill Farms in Hotchkiss, Colorado

"You've got to take care of the people who are helping your business run. They have to want to be there. They have to be engaged. They have to feel like they're part of it."
Jenny Yang, Owner of Phoenix Bean Tofu and Jenny's Tofu in Chicago, Illinois

"If we can … look at what we can do as we work to come out of this and how we can change things, I think out of tragedy can come a great rebuilding."
Matt Weik, Owner of Yker Acres in Carlton, Minnesota

"Look for people you can partner with that will understand your business model and can help assist you with not just the day-to-day aspects of operations, [but also] really take care of your key employees."
Jennifer Marcontell, Edward Jones Financial Advisor

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