New Investor Campaign

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Customizable: New Investor Campaign

Because every moment of life is for living.

Let's partner through all of it.

Make the most of life's moments with an Edward Jones financial advisor.

Note: Vendor customizes last frame with financial advisor name, address, telephone number and financial advisor photo from financial advisor's home page.

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160 x 600

180 x 150

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Instructions found on this page are for vendor use only and not intended for branch use.

Follow these guidelines to ensure all banner ads support our branding standards:

To create customizable banners:

  • You will be required to recreate the last frame of the animated banner and replace the example info and photo with the new financial advisor info and photo.
  • You must have a graphic program (i.e. Adobe Photoshop) to create the last frame.
  • Use the font and colors listed below to create the customized frame for your animated banner. If you do not own this font, you may purchase it or use the appropriate substitute.
    • Gotham Bold in #464646 for financial advisor information
    • Gotham Book in #525252 for "financial advisor"
    • Gotham Medium in #525252 for address, city, state and zip code
    • Gotham Book in #525252 for Member SIPC
  • Use the following colors when appropriate to recreate the background for the last frame:
    • Yellow behind logo, border and arrow: #FFC600
      Light yellow background: #F5F6C9

To download a financial advisor photo:
The financial advisor will provide you with the link to his or her home page on the Edward Jones website: For example:

  1. Go to the link provided by the financial advisor.
  2. Right-click on the photo and choose "Save Image As…".
  3. Save the photo to your computer. The photo size is 100x150 pixels, and it may need to be resized to fit in the banner.

To download a banner ad:
Right-click on the size link and choose "Save Target As…".