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With Online Access, your goals and Edward Jones team are always within reach. Wherever you go and whenever you want, your information is just a click or tap away.

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All you need is your account number, birthdate and Social Security number. Then just a few clicks or taps, and you're in and ready to access your accounts and goals.

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Anywhere. Anytime. Online Access keeps you connected.

Access your accounts safely and securely

Each time you log in, we'll verify your identity by texting you a security code or asking you to answer security questions. You can also set up security alerts to confirm when you change your password, email address or user ID. Plus, you won't have to wait for the U.S. mail to deliver important account information. When you have Online Access, we'll notify you by email.

Know if your goals are on track

See how you're progressing toward goals you've set with your financial advisor. Whether it's preparing for retirement, saving for education or a major purchase, you'll know where you stand today and what it might take to reach your future goals.

See new possibilities for your future

What if you saved a bit more each month? Or delayed your goal a few years? With the desktop version of Online Access (and coming soon to our app), you can explore different scenarios with your goals to see how small changes might make an impact and then share them with your financial advisor.

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Technology is no replacement for the trusted relationship you've built with us, but it can help us stay connected in new ways. With Online Access, you can reach your Edward Jones team by secure message and request appointments online. Want more ways to connect? Sign up for text messaging.

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