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Video Transcript

My name is Cynthia Wemyss. I'm a financial advisor and I've been with the firm since 1999.

Spirit of caring is sort of the heartbeat of Edward Jones, and that is our culture. It's doing the right thing for your clients and giving back to the community, which Ted and Pat Jones did. They actually gave everything. You know, their entire farm to the community.

I think it's important for financial advisors who are female to be sure that their voices heard. Now, how do we do that?

We need to create the awareness because I mean, there are mostly men in our industry. So, for me, as the area women inclusion leader, what I'm trying to do is just help our male colleagues, our regional leaders, our performance leaders are recruiting leaders to just remember, you know, that there's females or financial advisors who happen to be female.

And I feel that if everyone here, every associate had the opportunity to be selected to receive this award, I know in my heart that Edward Jones will continue for another 100 years because that spirit of caring is our culture.