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Video Transcript

My name is Ashby Dawson.

I'm from Amarillo, Texas, originally, and I'm a financial advisor with Edward Jones. A financial advisor at the root just helps people. We help people make their solid financial decisions. We help them feel comfortable with the biggest moments in their lives, like when they have a baby or as they're going along and picking their job or retirement.

What's unique about being a financial advisor is you get to live these experiences over and over and over again, so you get really good at them. Your clients, however, only live these experiences one time, every single time in their life.

And so, you can be there to guide them, to help them, to help them achieve what's truly important. Everything in this world is mostly about the relationship that you have with others.

So, whenever I get in my car at the end of the day, I've been working with my clients and loving it. Sometimes it is a little exhausting, you know.

And so, then I'm ready to kind of change pace. I'm not really done helping people yet. I'm not really done wanting to get to know and build relationships with others yet. But I want a different relationship right now. I don't want the client advisor relationship at the moment. What I want is the friendship, and so I utilize the time in the car to build friendships or relationships with my peer advisors or branch office administrators, or just to maintain those relationships.

And that’s why I think it's so important because somebody did that for me.