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Announcer: Penny Pennington, Managing Partner Edward Jones

Welcome to our 2022 Purpose, Inclusion and Citizenship report: Partnering for Positive Impact.

As we celebrate 100 years of history and look to the next 100 years, Edward Jones continues to make a positive impact for our clients, colleagues and communities, and we do it by partnering – with one another, and with organizations that share our passion and our purpose. Together, we have an unmatched ability to impact and inspire future generations.

Our purpose is brought to life in this report in three areas of impact.

In Partnering for Lasting Financial Strength, we believe in the power of financial knowledge and a personal approach to building long-lasting financial strength. We support efforts to reshape conversations about finances to improve financial education, confidence and resilience.

We are dedicated to Promoting Healthier Futures because we know that pervasive health issues stand in the way of people building, maintaining and enjoying financial well-being in life. That's why we work to promote the financial and emotional well-being of those impacted by health issues, so each person can live an enriching life. 

And in Advancing Inclusive Growth, we believe every person deserves the opportunity to thrive – regardless of where they start. That's why we focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and how the investments we make lift all communities, allowing everyone to build a future full of the things important to them.

As we reflect on 100 years of positive impact in the communities we serve, we also look ahead, applying what we’ve learned to continue to grow our business and our impact, helping millions of individuals and families to thrive. We have so much to look forward to. We believe in the growth of possibility in more lives, across generations and in all walks of life.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our purpose, and our impact.  Together we will make a difference.

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