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Planning for Retirement in a Post-Pandemic World

Quite a bit about our world has changed over the pandemic period – and planning for retirement is no exception.

Fortunately, we see much to be optimistic about, and have created a short series of videos to help you understand what’s changed, what hasn’t changed, and what you can do now to keep your retirement strategy on track.

In this series, we’re going to cover…

  • The New Landscape
    There have been winners, losers, and a whole lot of shifting of value – and we’re going to talk about how it has all settled out. 
    We’re going to talk about
  • The Opportunities created by the new landscape
    And how to
  • Deal with the myriad distractions that can make us lose sight of our ultimate goal
    Then we’re going to talk about getting back to basics with a
  • Foundational Focus
    And, finally, we’re going to boil it all down to
  • 5 Keys to Retirement Success in the Post-Pandemic Landscape
    These will be covered during the series of videos, and will help you avoid the noise and stay focused on the signal as you continue to plan your retirement. 
    Now, before we go on, let’s quickly talk about…

Who this is for

These videos are for you if

  • You are planning for your retirement – or you’re already in retirement and want to make the most of it
  • You’ve watched the financial ups and downs of the pandemic year – and are trying to make sense of it all
  • You maintain a long-term focus, but want to understand how it’s affected by all of the short-term shifts in the markets
  • You want to chart a stable path that will buffer you from what comes next, so you can feel confident in your retirement strategy

Now before we get started…

The new landscape has introduced a lot of complexity into the mix

But there’s only so much we’ll be able to cover in this series

For a more customized approach to your retirement goals, click the button below to connect with an financial advisor who can help you put together a strategy tailored specifically for you.

Now let’s dive in …

The New Landscape

So much has changed across every part of our lives during the pandemic, now let’s talk about what’s happened from a financial standpoint – and how you can make the most of it.

During the pandemic

  • Entire business sectors got tested and pushed to the brink of extinction
  • Other business sectors saw meteoric growth
  • Wealth was shifted around – and winners and losers were created at a faster pace than ever before
    When surveyed in March of 2021 by AgeWave, 80 million Americans claimed they were worse off financially than before the pandemic. Meanwhile – 75 million other Americans claimed they were actually better off.
  • But one thing that is true during all this change is that change is here to stay, and in fact -
  • The pace of change is accelerating

Fortunately, this new landscape has brought along some opportunities for those with the patience and discipline to chart a longer-term course.

  • Real innovations have opened up major growth opportunities for smart companies
  • Companies that can find the signal can thrive like never before
  • Investors that know how to align with these smart companies can generate real growth over time
  • The new language of value may indeed feel foreign at first, but those who are able to speak this new language will gain advantage over time.

Dealing with Distractions

  • As the pace of change accelerates, we are faced with a steady stream of quick-hit options
  • “Buy this…” “sell that…” “divest from x”… “move to y”…
  • But – when charting a long term course, it’s important to resist the distraction of short term temptations
  • So – how do we maintain a long term focus?
    Well, we start with…

A Better Foundation

  • To succeed in the long term – your strategy should be based on timeless fundamentals
  • It should incorporate expertise backed by experience – of ups and downs, and of multiple market cycles
  • History never fully repeats itself, but it leaves clues in the echoes.
  • These echoes can provide great insight on how to chart your course in the new scenario – and help you build a strategy that will stay steady in a world of constant change
  • To balance your strategy, you can incorporate advice that melds long term experience with the current context

Advice you can get from the financial advisors who work at Edward Jones

So, who is Edward Jones?

  • We’ve been serving communities and helping clients achieve their financial goals for nearly a 100 years
  • Over 19,000 Financial Advisors supporting their clients through 1-to-1 relationships
  • The firm was Rated Highest in Investor Satisfaction according to JD Power in 2021
  • Employee-owned and accountable to our clients – it was also ranked Top 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune

We have

  • 7 million clients with over 1 trillion dollars in assets under our care  

Now let’s talk about,

The 5 Keys to Retirement Success in the Post-Pandemic Landscape

We’ve boiled down our insights into a short series of videos like this one to help you keep your retirement strategy on track

Topics covered will include

  • Navigating your ascent to retirement
  • How to make your retirement last
  • Focusing on Value over the long term
  • Covering all of your bases
  • Assembling the right team

Each video will explore some timeless principles in the context of a changed and rapidly changing world

You will receive links to these videos over the next few days – so be on the lookout in your inbox

When it comes to planning your retirement, the new landscape certainly introduces new challenges – but it also comes along with new opportunities to thrive over the long term.

  • Even with all of the changes that happened during the pandemic – the same fundamentals that drive successful planning for retirement still apply – now more than ever
  • Navigating retirement is a complex endeavor – but with the right focus on fundamentals, you can feel confident about your strategy
  • For a tailored approach, click the button below to connect with an Edward Jones financial advisor who will partner with you to create a long-term personalized strategy to help you achieve your retirement goals.
  • Thanks for watching – and we’ll see you in the next video

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