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Scott Thoma

Today, people are reaching their 60th or 65th birthday and they're beginning to think, "Wait a minute…I might have 20, 25, 30 years of life in front of me.  It's a whole new chapter in life!"

Today, people are retiring from work but they're not retiring from a connected and purpose-filled life.

 A study conducted in partnership by Edward Jones and Age Wave, we've identified four key pillars that are redefining what it takes to live well in this new retirement.

Josh Colwell 

We've found that focusing on all 4 pillars are key…which are:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Purpose
  • and Finance

 These four pillars are intertwined…which really illustrates the need to think more holistically about planning for – and living well – in retirement.

Julie Kelly

People are living longer than decades ago…and as a result, they have more years in the retirement stage of life.

 Retirees today find that health is often more important than wealth to live in retirement…so it's really important to take those steps to improve both your physical and mental health where you can.

Scott Thoma

72% of retirees say being a burden to their family is one of their top fears, but 45% of American adults have not discussed their long-term care preferences with anyone at all.

 So think about starting those conversations now with your loved ones to help prepare and have a plan in place for the long term.

Josh Colwell

You can be 65 or 72 and decide you want to go back to school, or maybe you're living in retirement and you're a little bored and want to work in retirement but do something completely different by choice. 

Julie Kelly

Retirees want to spend their time in useful, rewarding ways.  And they're very capable of doing so, given their decades of life experiences.  Having a strong sense of purpose can lead to a happier, healthier life.

Nela Richardson

As we all know, people focus on saving for retirement. Okay, now you're in retirement. Are you prepared to manage your life, manage your finances, make trade offs? Should you go on that vacation you've always dreamed of, or should you help a family member buy a new house?

What about legacy? What about charitable giving? Understanding how to manage these trade offs is also key to a higher wellbeing in retirement.

Julie Kelly

The new retirement holds exciting possibilities and today's retirees have more choices and opportunities and freedoms than ever before.

The reality is living well in retirement isn't guaranteed….it requires a strategy to help you get there, which is centered around all 4 of these interrelated pillars. 

Scott Thoma

If you're getting close to retirement, you can use these four pillars to support a fulfilling and meaningful way of life.

By addressing these and other issues, possibly with the help of a financial professional, you can set yourself on the path toward the type of retirement that's really not a retirement at all --- but rather a new chapter.

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