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As we celebrate 100 years, Edward Jones continues to put our purpose in action, making a positive impact for our clients, colleagues, communities, and society. We do it by partnering with our clients, one another, and with organizations that share our passion and our purpose.

This year, we are collaborating with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant or sponsor the planting of 10,000 trees in 2022. We'll be engaging our clients, associates, and local nonprofits in 12 community planting events, who will work together to positively impact their local communities.

Well, there's thousands of reasons it's important to plant trees. Primarily, they are one of the most affordable and measurable ways that we can combat today's issues with climate change. They really have a long-lasting effect on communities from creating environmental equity, more social justice to even just cooling the areas we live in.

There are three focus areas for purpose action and impact. Partnering for lasting financial strength, promoting healthier futures, and advancing inclusive growth. Through the firm's history of conservation, including our commitment to the Katy Trail, and collaborations, such as this one, with the Arbor Day Foundation, we are creating a more sustainable future for all.

There's direct correlation between health and neighborhoods and the amount of tree canopy coverage.

On April 16, we held our first tree planting event at the Katy Trail in Missouri. The Katy Trail was chosen because it is strongly connected to Edward Jones' history. Ted and Pat Jones the firm's second managing partner and his wife played an instrumental role in the development and expansion of the trail, donating 2.2 million to the project in 1990.

Our next planting events are in rural and metro areas across the country, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas Fort Worth, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham, Tempe Phoenix, San Diego, and St Louis, and we're sponsoring the planting of 10,000 trees in American forests of need.

The environmental impact of these trees being planted include CO2 sequestration, air quality improvements, and stormwater runoff reduction. By collaborating with organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation that share our passion and our purpose, we can continue to put our purpose in action and make a positive impact for our clients, colleagues, communities, and society for years to come.

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