Senior branch office administrator Yukiko Bivens spirit of caring video transcript

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Video transcript


Spirit of caring means to me is, blessing, gratitude, thankfulness that I am be able to give back to the community. My name is Yukiko Bivens. I've been with Edward Jones for six years. I came to Monticello back in 2003 as a first generation immigrant here. And I had an opportunity to raise my daughter in Monticello. And this community open the door and give her opportunity to have an education and to grow here.

I also teach at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. I teach Japanese language and history and culture. One of Japanese culture is setting a goal. Setting a solid goal to see where you want to be at in five years, in 10 years. Financial advisor, KC Knobloch and I, discovered that there is unmet need in this community, which is a financial literacy.

So I noticed that my students have no idea with balanced checkbook, right. They have no idea what's means the 401(k). At the end of college, when they go to workplace, they need to know that. What is compounding interest? They don't know that.

Education is important. Education is nourish. We are working with a Career Center. He's going to do a workshop starting this spring semester for three months, and then going forward, we'll continue to service to the university so that gap will be get smaller and smaller.

But by understanding financial knowledge and literacy, that can create intergenerational knowledge so that Monticello will grow for many years to come.

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