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Video transcript


A lot of my spirit of caring I think comes from the examples that were set by my parents, by my grandparents, and I think also from the leaders that have made an impactful difference on my career. I'm Katie Schonaerts and I've been with Edward Jones for the past 22 years.

When Edward Jones first became a strategic partner with the Alzheimer's Association and I participated in my first walk and we had a small branch team together walking together, I was a bit nervous behind the scenes. And I almost didn't-- I didn't share that with a lot of people, just because given my family's background and watching my grandpa suffer through this illness, it was-- I was nervous, and I was a bit anxious.

I was in high school. I was a junior when my grandpa passed. The impact is far reaching. And I wasn't sure how those emotions would present themselves at the walk. But I thought, you know what, I have to power through. I have to be strong, and I want to support my teammates who are here today and I want to support my local community.

And once I did that first walk, I felt a ton better. And after that, I wanted to be a part of the committee. I wanted to join the planning committee and help our local community.

And you know what else, I really like the people who I was partnering with, who were on the committee. And I really enjoyed encouraging our local branches to join us too. Living your purpose in action to me means making a meaningful difference in our community.

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