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The spirit of caring at Edward Jones is really just the core of the organization. So not just caring about taking care of someone's finances, but caring about the whole community. My name is Joseph Peterson. I've been a financial advisor with Edward Jones for nine years.

I think Edward Jones fosters that spirit of caring by giving us the freedom to be able to serve what we want to serve. They just give us the freedom to do what we're passionate about. I'm most passionate about work with kids. They're our futures. If we do a really good job raising up the kids, then that should have a direct result on having a better future for us all.

My wife Angela and I have been married for 11 years now. We have two kids. My daughter is 4. Her name is Ava. My son is 2. His name is Joseph. Also we call him Jo Jo. When I was a kid, my mom and dad always took us to different events and community service, whatever it may have been. We were always busy, and it's kind of been a natural thing with my kids. I've taken them along with me as well.

So Snack Pack for Kids is a local nonprofit here in Amarillo, and every Tuesday there is a packing party. Organizations come in to support Snack Packs for Kids. The cool thing about the snack pack for kids is that any age can volunteer. I love the fact that you can help them in the early stages and make good decisions, wise decisions, that will impact their life for a long time. So I think every day when we go out and serve the community, what we're doing is putting Edward Jones's purpose into action.

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