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Money Lessons from Mom

How do we learn about money? It often starts at an early age and in our own homes. In honor of Mother's Day, a few of our associates share money lessons they learned from their mothers.

"My mom taught me the importance of saving and how putting away a little on a consistent basis could amount to big savings in the long term."

Krishna Kumar
Financial Advisor – Wilmette, IL

"My Mom passed away in 1996, and I still think about all the things she taught me through the years. I learned much from her: setting a monthly savings goal and sticking to it, taking on tasks with focus and passion and having a tireless work ethic and commitment to the goal."

Cris Allen
Financial Advisor – Lakeland, FL

"As a single mother, my mom taught me that every penny counts.  Every spring, she would take me to the local hardware store and we would buy seeds. She would say to me, 'Shallan, we are on a tight budget, but every garden needs some sparkle. These are yours seeds to plant and take care of.' We still have a strong relationship, built on spending time in the garden."

Shallan Farmer
Financial Advisor – Loganville, GA

"My mom had a couple of spending sayings that seem contradictory but actually work well. One was, 'Don't count your chickens before they hatch,' meaning, don't spend today based on what you expect to get in the future. The second was that it's OK to use at least part of 'found money' (money you weren't expecting) to buy something fun that you wouldn't normally buy for yourself. I think the mix of pragmatism with an occasional treat is perfect motherly advice."

Nela Richardson, Ph.D.
Investment Strategist, St. Louis

"My mom taught us to wait for sales, use coupons, save for the future and never live above our means. She also taught us to be content without name brands or things we didn't really need."

Amy Troyer
Branch Office Administrator – Fishers, IN

"My mom planted the seed of how important it is to watch where your money is going and how to make it work for you. When I was growing up, I had a lawn mowing business and invested every penny I made. That's how I ended up at Edward Jones. It empowers me to now help make a difference in others' lives."

Alex Nelson
Financial Advisor – Durham, NC

"My mom was always big on ensuring my siblings and I never focused too much on money as a measure of self-worth. She had an incredibly generous heart. I took an interest in finance and the markets at an early age and she would always say, "It's important to BE good with money, but just as important to DO good with your money."

Craig Fehr, CFA
Investment Strategist, St. Louis

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